Dancing is a package that works from many different angles. Not only does it keep your mind stimulated but also educates you to learn your body. It keeps you actively happy and present.

Discover the elegance of free movement through control. Find out how your senses can extend to new levels through feeling and music. Share your center with another person and create a new common one. Feel the power you can develop with two.

Learn how to hold, condition and carry yourself. Become aware and in charge of your own posture in a pure healthy way. When you taste dancing you won't want to leave it. The joy you discover right away after you are exposed to it becomes motivation that leads to dedication.



Constructing with layering the dance material results educating the muscles to aquire muscle memory. The dancing material consists of the basic step followed by patterns, footwork, foot use, foot placement, motion, rotations and turns, isolations and how to generate beautiful movement with another person.



By using an inner-related method, you'll find that although each dance is quite different from the others, yet they share many similarities. Although each one has its own character, they are related in a way that teaches you overlapping techniques.

* No partner needed whether you choose to lead or follow. 


Take your first step and join the healthy addiction of dancing.