Photon is a dance partnership formed in 2005 by Photis Pishiaras and Ron Jenkins after meeting on the dance floor at Sundance Saloon in San Francisco. They began competing and quickly became the leading male US ballroom couple. You can see them perform or compete regularly at events all around the SF Bay Area and the US, including shows, fundraisers and international competitions.

Photis and Ron are the 2012 US and California and the 2013 US and North America Men's Ballroom Champions. They won a gold medal in the 2013 World OutGames in Antwerp, Belgium. They won 3 silver medals at the world championships in Men's Ballroom and Latin devision at the 2014 Ninth Gay Games in Cleveland, Ohio. They are the 2015 Montreal Ballroom Standard champions - Montreal, Canada and 2015 US championship runner ups. They hold the 2016 US Men's Ballroom Championship. They are the 2016 North America Ballroom Standard championship runner ups, Dublin, Ohio. 2017 North America Men's Ballroom Champions, Palm Springs, California. Their latest exciting accomplishment was winning 1st place with a Gold medal at the 2018 Tenth Gay-Games world championships, Paris, France. They placed 2nd in Men’s Ballroom and 1st in Country Western at the 2019 state of California championships.