Take Action

Vima is the Greek word for "step". Take that first step now. Age or body type don't matter but time does. Someone once told me, Always think that you can do ten times better than what you think you can and the key for that is to Start Now.

And yes, you will be surprised even on your first dance visit. Your participation is your own investment to yourself. Open new doors for your social and/or competitive dancing and allow me to guide you through it. No partner needed whether you choose to lead or follow.


For Singles or Couples (Beginner to Advanced level)

  • Choreography 
  • First Dance 
  • Same-Sex 
  • Opposite-Sex 
  • Social 
  • Competitive 
  • Performance 
  • More


Take Action simply means call or email now to get you started dancing. 


                                                                                              Let the fun begin!